Does your Wordle show the inner you?

25 07 2008

This is my blog’s Worlde.

“Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.”

Should I be worried that I obviously use the word ‘want’ a lot?  Does that mean I am needy?  I’d better keep this hidden from the local shrink…  I’m quite sure that this would provide a “window into my soul” that I’d prefer to keep hidden.  Or maybe not.


Down wit’ da kidz

13 06 2008

The House of Lords has launched five short videos on Parliament’s new YouTube channel, explaining the role of the House of Lords and encouraging young people to get involved in politics.

I suppose it would be wrong to criticise this [too much] as we’d all call them outdated and out of touch if they didn’t try engage with people in accordance with the tools of the 21st century.  However…  the choice of peers in the video seems to be trying just a bit too hard and I think that it is no surprise that the coolest looking Lord of all (Lord Adebowale) makes an appearance.  I’m just not convinced that the selection in this video are truly representative of the whole of the upper house.  Certainly women and ethnic minorities are disproportionately represented – not a bad thing in itself but maybe a little disingenuous..?

(Anti) Social Media

10 06 2008

Kudos to the drive-through restaurant waitress who tracked down a couple of nasty youths that had thrown a 32oz cup of soda at her in a “fire on the hole“, happy slapping-type attack.  The Dummkopfs posted a video of their crime on YouTube (brilliant) and the victim managed to track them down and befriend them via their MySpace accounts before shopping them to the law…  Full story here.

The two boys were sentenced to 100 hours each of community service and ordered to pay $30 each to the restaurant in cleaning fees.  But most importantly, the judge ordered them to post a follow-up video on YouTube, apologising for their actions and demonstrating that they have seen the error of their ways.

Microsoft to buy Yahoo!..?

1 02 2008

I remember when Compaq’s (ill-fated) $9.6bn acquisition of Digital Equipment Corporation was the biggest of its kind in the IT industry… and now news has just broken that Microsoft has offered nearly $45bn for Yahoo!


I wonder if the Google folks are genuinely worried or laughing into their cornflakes? Yahoo! hasn’t managed much of a fight against Google in recent times but this would bring together two enormous giants.

Interesting times are ahead of us…

As is often the case,’s take on this is very insightful:

“…as companies like Yahoo and Google, as well as thousands of garage start-ups have shown, from Facebook to Joost, the battle was never really about the browser – it was about services.  From instant messaging and online advertising to social networks, blogs, communities, and IPTV Microsoft is not out in front in any of these areas.  Microsoft is attracted to Yahoo because a purchase would take a key rival out of the game in one swoop.”

My head hurts

14 11 2007

I don’t get it… How? Why? They are nicking ‘virtual’ stuff now. If I leave some toenail clippings lying around, will they nick that too?


Me 2.0

11 10 2007

I blogged a couple of months back on social networks being walled gardens and the need for greater interoperability between networks – and it seems that the clever folks at IBM and Linden Lab (creators of Second life) are doing something about it and are working on universal avatars that can travel between worlds.


If we can learn anything from the tech industry’s pre-pubescent days in the 1990s, it is that proprietary is generally very limiting and bad – and interoperability and open is a good thing as consumers benefit from their own exploration and other people’s ‘tinkering under the bonnet’.

And having the ability to wander in and out of networks without having to change ‘bodies’ or ‘personalities’ will be the very least we demand as citizens of the online world.  We wouldn’t accept it offline and neither should we have to tolerate it for too much longer online.

Might as well take out an ad…

24 09 2007

I have very little sympathy for those that ‘crow’ on social networks and don’t expect that their bragging of sordid antics will get them in trouble in the real world. This story caught my eye and it struck me as being another example of the height of stupidity.

“Two of Britain’s top (tennis) juniors have been suspended for “unprofessional behaviour” and “lack of discipline”… The LTA took the action after being alerted to photos and confessions on the Bebo social networking website.”

When newspapers we launched many, many years ago, did these people’s equivalents take out ads telling of what they got up to in their dodgy private lives..? Probably not.