Shhh – Social Networking brings back Wispas

4 08 2008

Following the success of a campaign on social networking sites, Cadbury’s Wispa chocolate bar is to make a comeback for good on 6th October.  Apparently, Cadbury sold 20 million of the bars when it brought the brand back for a seven-week limited trial run in 2007 and is planning to bring it back permanently as the pressure for its return has continued on Facebook and MySpace.

“We brought it back temporarily to see if the desire was genuine, but fans are still rallying so we took the decision to bring it back for good.”

Just in case anyone was wondering why there is a “credit crunch”

11 07 2008

I saw this on Facebook – no wonder the global economy is in meltdown…

For those of you that needs this translating, it basically says, “if you are up to your eye balls in debt, have defaulted on a number of loans and have already remortgaged your family, your car and your dog several times over then it’s all OK because we can lend you even more than you need or deserve and then screw you with a totally immoral interest rate that means we will own you and your loved ones for ever more.”

Excellent – where do I sign up so that I can play my part in burying the world’s economy for good..?

Perhaps Facebook and others should be made to have a slightly more rigorous test for their advertisers..?

The REAL Big Brother

13 01 2008

I wonder how many civil liberty, anti ID card campaigners happily install all the Facebook applications and give access to lots of their personal details..?


Click here or on the image to see the full cartoon. Poking is ridiculous anyway…

Do we REALLY need 2008..?

2 01 2008

This is a great post from the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones (who I once took on a very interesting tour of the Isle of Man’s 3G network…). Might I suggest that we skip 2008 and go straight for 2009..!


Wins Facebook …but loses LinkedIn

3 11 2007

Oops. Although Bite recently landed the Facebook PR account, PR Week has reported that “social networking site LinkedIn is reviewing its agency relationships – weeks after bringing in Bite Communications.”


When the Facebook win was announced, “[Bite] MD David Hargreaves said that Facebook is ‘completely comfortable’ with the agency working on both these high profile accounts.” It seems that LinkedIn was not so chuffed with the whole concept. Not surprising really. I’m sure given the choice, Bite’s management team would have chosen to work with Facebook over LinkedIn any day of the week (almost regardless of budgets) but no agency wants to get a reputation for going after their clients’ bigger/sexier competitors.

Facebook keeps us young

3 11 2007

Great article from my very old friend Matthew Rose (as in I have known him for a long time – 35 years – rather than that he is an old duffer).

“The adults have invaded the playground and the kids don’t like it one bit.”

I totally empathise with his early Facebook mistakes – too much poking; alerting everyone about something that is absolutely uninteresting; and the incessant updating of your status… Why do some people feel the need to change their status every 10 minutes? And why does it bother me SO much..?

And it amused me that even such a senior reporter on such a prestigious newspaper still found the need to have a dig at his little brother, using his article as a way of accusing him of looking like a thug on his Facebook page. Reminds me of 25 years ago…


Bite to promote Facebook

16 10 2007

Nice win for my old employer, Bite Communications, as it has been reported that Facebook has selected the agency to handle its PR in the UK.   I am sure that Bite execs are queuing up to work on this account though I wonder if it actually might be a tough client to work for as it has grown so dramatically by word-of-mouth and a coordinated PR program might take some of the gloss off of what has so far been seen as a phenomenon?

On a slightly different note, PR Week really should get a better picture of David Hargreaves (Bite’s MD) as the one that chops off the top of his head really makes him look too much like the follicly-challenged, Tim McInnerny (Lord Percy from Blackadder)…