Does your Wordle show the inner you?

25 07 2008

This is my blog’s Worlde.

“Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.”

Should I be worried that I obviously use the word ‘want’ a lot?  Does that mean I am needy?  I’d better keep this hidden from the local shrink…  I’m quite sure that this would provide a “window into my soul” that I’d prefer to keep hidden.  Or maybe not.

A minute’s silence please…

5 11 2007

…for TWL, ’tis no more.  Shame.  It was a good read and shall be missed.  Adios, farewell, adieu.


I hope you will be back soon.  Maybe a one-off Xmas special..?

Me 2.0

11 10 2007

I blogged a couple of months back on social networks being walled gardens and the need for greater interoperability between networks – and it seems that the clever folks at IBM and Linden Lab (creators of Second life) are doing something about it and are working on universal avatars that can travel between worlds.


If we can learn anything from the tech industry’s pre-pubescent days in the 1990s, it is that proprietary is generally very limiting and bad – and interoperability and open is a good thing as consumers benefit from their own exploration and other people’s ‘tinkering under the bonnet’.

And having the ability to wander in and out of networks without having to change ‘bodies’ or ‘personalities’ will be the very least we demand as citizens of the online world.  We wouldn’t accept it offline and neither should we have to tolerate it for too much longer online.

The difference between ‘me’ and ‘us’

12 09 2007

According to a US study, a news agenda formulated by citizens would be radically different from that put together by journalists.  Isn’t that stating the bleeding obvious..?  The study, conducted by a wing of the US Pew Research Centre, compared what made the headlines in the mainstream media with that of three user-driven news sources – Digg, and Reddit.  While mainstream media wrote about the war in Iraq and big political issues, “users were more interested in the release of the iPhone and the news that Nintendo had surpassed Sony in net worth”.

Surely that is the whole point of citizen journalism?  We write about what interests us, individually, rather than trying to represent the mass market.  We then find like-minded individuals and engage with them – actively or passively.  I have very little interest in writing about the war on terror or the race for the White House but I do want to read about it, which is why I read newspapers, watch TV and listen to the radio.


Maybe this ‘piece of research’ will actually explain that there is still a huge need for mainstream news and that consumer generated media will not kill off old media – as so many have suggested.  Instead, people are adapting how they consume information.  For me, the authority on what’s happening in Iraq may well be the BBC or The Times, but if I want to buy a new phone, I’ll turn to the blogosphere and newsgroups that I know and trust.

Interior designer needed for my blog

30 08 2007

I have a question for my avid reader(s) and if all I hear is the sound of tumbleweed then I’ll know for sure that the only person reading my blog is me..!


I’ve been trying to change the look and feel of my blog but don’t like any of the other designs provided and wanted to get a bit creative on my own. But I can’t see how I can do it? Is WordPress just too limiting or am I missing something? I saw that TheWorld’sLeading had a makeover recently and I wanted to do my own.

I’d be very grateful for any support and a coffee/beer and a jammie dodger is on offer for any good insights.

This is a first attempt as a ‘change is as good as a holiday’…

I am, like, so ahead of the curve, man

15 08 2007

I am feeling very smug about the fact that Times Online has finally covered something that I wrote about in May…  They are, like, so web 1.0..!

It’s facebook’s fault

25 07 2007

To my dedicated reader(s) – an apology: sorry for having not posted anything recently (though Messi’s goal surely kept you happy for a bit) but I, like far too many others, have been engrossed with facebook and every time I log in for a quick catch-up, I get totally engrossed and a few minutes suddenly becomes much, much longer… Am I the only one to be losing control..? Where can I join Facebooks Anonymous (FA rather than AA) to help me through my addiction..?

I actually resisted signing up with facebook for ages as I thought I was far too old for stuff like that but it is truly compelling and has been fascinating catching up with people that I haven’t seen or spoken to for ages (3 kids = no social life…).

My wife says it all sounds sinister but then readily admits that she doesn’t understand it – though I have to say that those people who do nothing else apart from playing with the facebook profiles, networks and applications do look daft as you can tell how active people are and the ‘really’ active have obviously got nothing better to do.

So, now I just need to learn how to manage my addiction. Maybe allow myself only a few windows each day for my facebook fix? Any other tips would be gratefully received.