(Anti) Social Networks

15 08 2007

Interesting perspective on the walled gardens of social networking sites from Internet law professor, Michael Geist – but I’m not convinced we will ever see true interoperability between the networks.  His assertion is that “internet users are repeatedly required to re-enter their personal information for each new network they join and find that each network is effectively a walled garden, where the benefits of the network are artificially limited by the inability to link a friend in Facebook with one in MySpace.”

According to Geist, “the obvious solution is to facilitate greater interoperability between social networking sites, thereby enabling users to better control their personal information and reduce the need for duplication, while simultaneously enhancing the value of all social networks by removing the current barriers.”  This sounds simple enough (and I love the concept) but assumes that two key things will happen that I don’t think will…  One, that the networks will get their act together enough to facilitate such seamless interoperability.  And two, that we all happily accept that our personal and private details be shared amongst the sites…  sounds like MSN and Google‘s customer programs that have the data protection folks up in arms.



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11 10 2007
Me 2.0 « Nicknack Paddywhack

[…] 11 10 2007 I blogged a couple of months back on social networks being walled gardens and the need for greater interoperability between networks – and it seems that the clever folks at IBM and Linden Lab (creators of Second life) are doing […]

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