Google overtakes the Beeb

25 02 2008

I was starting to think that Google had gone a bit quiet recently, especially after the euphoria over the web giant last year – but it seems that others hadn’t noticed this as the company has just been named the most powerful business brand in the UK, in an annual survey by research firm, Superbrands.


I guess this isn’t so surprising but what I did find staggering (and quite reassuring as I am a bit of a traditionalist) is that “on average the members of the top 50 are 90 years old”, according to the chairman of the Superbrands Council, “demonstrating the power of longevity and familiarity in British business”.

Google, which replaced the BBC in the top spot, is the only firm in the top 50 to have been established after 1990.

Microsoft to buy Yahoo!..?

1 02 2008

I remember when Compaq’s (ill-fated) $9.6bn acquisition of Digital Equipment Corporation was the biggest of its kind in the IT industry… and now news has just broken that Microsoft has offered nearly $45bn for Yahoo!


I wonder if the Google folks are genuinely worried or laughing into their cornflakes? Yahoo! hasn’t managed much of a fight against Google in recent times but this would bring together two enormous giants.

Interesting times are ahead of us…

As is often the case,’s take on this is very insightful:

“…as companies like Yahoo and Google, as well as thousands of garage start-ups have shown, from Facebook to Joost, the battle was never really about the browser – it was about services.  From instant messaging and online advertising to social networks, blogs, communities, and IPTV Microsoft is not out in front in any of these areas.  Microsoft is attracted to Yahoo because a purchase would take a key rival out of the game in one swoop.”

Do we REALLY need 2008..?

2 01 2008

This is a great post from the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones (who I once took on a very interesting tour of the Isle of Man’s 3G network…). Might I suggest that we skip 2008 and go straight for 2009..!


Google Earth being used to help find Steve Fossett

10 09 2007

Sometimes, technology can be used for something really impressive and important, like saving lives…  Let’s hope that this works and that adventurer Steve Fossett is found safe and well.

Spooky… 02920 368701

17 05 2007

I missed a call on my mobile today for a number I didn’t recognise. Not so unusual you may well be thinking. But I decided to Google the number (something I’ve never even thought of doing before) and was astonished by the results. It seems that this specific number has been causing a few headaches – here, here, here, here and even here… What the bleeding heck did we EVER do before Google..!

So simple it’s brilliant

23 01 2007

Google pluses

I like my personalised Google homepage.  It has all my stuff in one place, which is very useful and manages to combine my eclectic mix of interests – tech news, league 2 football teams and friends’ blogs.  And before I’d even had a chance to think “wouldn’t it be nice if…”, those clever folks at Googleadded something extra that is so simple that it made me doff my cap to them in admiration.  The very best customer service is where you answer a question or provide a solution before the customer has had the opportunity to ask it (or even think of it) themself…  And what is this amazing value-add that they have implemented completely free of charge to make my life that little bit easier?  A ‘+’ to help with previews and save me from opening more tabs or windows.  Nice.  I may well be easily pleased but thank you Google nonetheless.