Shhh – Social Networking brings back Wispas

4 08 2008

Following the success of a campaign on social networking sites, Cadbury’s Wispa chocolate bar is to make a comeback for good on 6th October.  Apparently, Cadbury sold 20 million of the bars when it brought the brand back for a seven-week limited trial run in 2007 and is planning to bring it back permanently as the pressure for its return has continued on Facebook and MySpace.

“We brought it back temporarily to see if the desire was genuine, but fans are still rallying so we took the decision to bring it back for good.”


Then, Now and NEVER…

31 07 2008

Good grief, I am feeling OLD.  I remember buying NOW 1 and liked it so much that I also bought into the whole Now That’s What I Call Music concept and bought numbers 2, 3 and 4.  I think I stopped there… though number 5 does look a bit familiar.

But can they really have got to number 70 already..?  I know it is more than one a year but the whole thing has made me feel 70 years old.

Perhaps most surprising is that the compilation album still exists and that enough people are buying these even though our iTunes-dominated world means that making ‘mixtapes‘ in our own homes is easier than ever before.  Mind you, I now have a sudden urge to download Now 1…  better go for a walk to calm down.

Very “Shameless”

10 04 2008

Great spoof of the Guinness ad from the folks at Pot NoodleFrank Gallagher would have spent ages setting this up!


10 04 2008

I know a few people have blogged on this already but it is beautiful and deserves to be shown again and again.  Hasn’t advertising got a bit classier since the Shake and Vac days..?

Google overtakes the Beeb

25 02 2008

I was starting to think that Google had gone a bit quiet recently, especially after the euphoria over the web giant last year – but it seems that others hadn’t noticed this as the company has just been named the most powerful business brand in the UK, in an annual survey by research firm, Superbrands.


I guess this isn’t so surprising but what I did find staggering (and quite reassuring as I am a bit of a traditionalist) is that “on average the members of the top 50 are 90 years old”, according to the chairman of the Superbrands Council, “demonstrating the power of longevity and familiarity in British business”.

Google, which replaced the BBC in the top spot, is the only firm in the top 50 to have been established after 1990.

Forget Generation X, we are the Re-Generation

12 12 2007

I like this concept from Dell and hope I am part of it…

“The Re-Generation refers to people of all ages throughout the world who want to make a difference in improving the world’s environment…

…In contrast to previous age-specific generations, like the Me Generation, Generation X or Generation Y, this new generation is comprised of globally connected and like-minded individuals using technology to harness their collective beliefs – regardless of age or geographic location.”


Cool man. Now pass me that lentil stew.

It wasn’t him…

15 10 2007

BBC weather blooper by Michael Fish storm of 1987

Talk about taking the fall for someone else – though it seems that Mr Fish has actually spent a significant amount of time and effort naming and shaming the real ‘blooper’… Apparently, it wasn’t Michael Fish patronising telling some old dear not to worry about a bit of mild wind the night before the big storms of October 1987… Was it really 20 years ago?

It was in fact Bill Giles on duty that night and Ian McCaskill earlier in the day – and Michael Fish wasn’t on duty at all.

“So what about the infamous “hurricane” forecast? “That was some time before and it was referring to Florida and had nothing to do with the (UK) storm,” he states. “In actual fact my earlier broadcast, which I am sure never got recorded, actually said ‘batten down the hatches because there is some extremely stormy weather on the way’.”

Funny how the truth comes out eventually. I wonder what other major bloopers of our time have been attributed to the wrong person..? Shame that Michael Fish will always be known as the guilty one but I guess the false accusation has been around for so long that it is too late to fix it now – however hard he tries… though I am slightly outraged that the BBC didn’t come to his defence slightly sooner.