Facebook keeps us young

3 11 2007

Great article from my very old friend Matthew Rose (as in I have known him for a long time – 35 years – rather than that he is an old duffer).

“The adults have invaded the playground and the kids don’t like it one bit.”

I totally empathise with his early Facebook mistakes – too much poking; alerting everyone about something that is absolutely uninteresting; and the incessant updating of your status… Why do some people feel the need to change their status every 10 minutes? And why does it bother me SO much..?

And it amused me that even such a senior reporter on such a prestigious newspaper still found the need to have a dig at his little brother, using his article as a way of accusing him of looking like a thug on his Facebook page. Reminds me of 25 years ago…




One response

3 11 2007

Re: Brother. Couldn’t help myself. Fits in same category of leaving trailing leg just where he’s about to walk.

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