Save today, Save tomorrow, EDF Energy

7 01 2008

I know EVERYONE is claiming to be green at the moment but I particularly liked this ad from EDF. Maybe it is because the commercial is “made entirely from recycled film clips” or maybe because I am old enough to remember when Kermit sang this first time round..!


Forget Generation X, we are the Re-Generation pt. II

15 12 2007

Thanks to Sean from Dell’s environment program for this. I’m impressed that Dell is taking the lead on this and wonder if they are going to encourage/invite other big companies to join in – similar to the Liberty Alliance..?

Forget Generation X, we are the Re-Generation

12 12 2007

I like this concept from Dell and hope I am part of it…

“The Re-Generation refers to people of all ages throughout the world who want to make a difference in improving the world’s environment…

…In contrast to previous age-specific generations, like the Me Generation, Generation X or Generation Y, this new generation is comprised of globally connected and like-minded individuals using technology to harness their collective beliefs – regardless of age or geographic location.”


Cool man. Now pass me that lentil stew.

Maybe, just maybe, planet Earth isn’t doomed

2 07 2007

While we have all seen hot topics come and go over the years, I really do think that ‘being green’ and ‘saving the planet’ is something different and (from a PR and communications perspective) I am fascinated by the extent to which it seems to be dominating the business, as well as the political, agenda.

A year or so ago, a top 10 table from the likes of Greenpeace would have been brushed away as a mild annoyance – but now it is big news – and some of the world’s largest businesses are having to change their ways.

“Greenpeace has praised Apple for its recycling programme and its efforts to remove toxic chemicals from its products. The environmental campaign group listed Apple at the bottom of its rankings in April. But the company has now moved ahead of Sony, LG Electronics, Panasonic and HP to tenth place on the 14-company Green Electronics Guide ranking. Nokia, Dell and Lenovo topped the list.”


I guess it is no surprise that every IT company I have worked with recently (from storage to EA) sees being green as a major business imperative and wants to know how to communicate their efforts to their key audiences. But I am sure that it will become much harder to generate media coverage for green initiatives that are nothing more than suggesting that people turn their lights off a bit more often… And I couldn’t agree more with Martin Courtney from IT Week.