Do we REALLY need 2008..?

2 01 2008

This is a great post from the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones (who I once took on a very interesting tour of the Isle of Man’s 3G network…). Might I suggest that we skip 2008 and go straight for 2009..!



PR Lady – How VERY dare you, Apple

20 12 2007

…and to think that I was nice about these people and their ‘oh-so-shiny’ products. I take this VERY personally..!

Maybe, just maybe, planet Earth isn’t doomed

2 07 2007

While we have all seen hot topics come and go over the years, I really do think that ‘being green’ and ‘saving the planet’ is something different and (from a PR and communications perspective) I am fascinated by the extent to which it seems to be dominating the business, as well as the political, agenda.

A year or so ago, a top 10 table from the likes of Greenpeace would have been brushed away as a mild annoyance – but now it is big news – and some of the world’s largest businesses are having to change their ways.

“Greenpeace has praised Apple for its recycling programme and its efforts to remove toxic chemicals from its products. The environmental campaign group listed Apple at the bottom of its rankings in April. But the company has now moved ahead of Sony, LG Electronics, Panasonic and HP to tenth place on the 14-company Green Electronics Guide ranking. Nokia, Dell and Lenovo topped the list.”


I guess it is no surprise that every IT company I have worked with recently (from storage to EA) sees being green as a major business imperative and wants to know how to communicate their efforts to their key audiences. But I am sure that it will become much harder to generate media coverage for green initiatives that are nothing more than suggesting that people turn their lights off a bit more often… And I couldn’t agree more with Martin Courtney from IT Week.

A surprising league table?

4 04 2007


Am I the only one to be surprised by some of the placings in the league table of eco-friendly electronics firms? OK, so Apple is probably not at the top of Greenpeace’s Christmas card list but who would have thought that Lenovo would top the table and that companies like Sony and Toshiba would be placed so low… Is this really a table of eco-friendly electronics firms or would those at the top of the list be better described as the ones that cause the least damage? I am not sure that eo-friendly and electronics firms were ever really meant to be in the same sentence together.

Greenpeace’s own article on this is interesting and this image provides a reminder of the damage and chaos that the IT industry needs to continue to take responsibility for – and do something about.


Oldest debate in the world… revisited

27 03 2007


Two apologies. First, sorry for not posting for a while – some shenanigans to deal with and I am now back and hopefully posting a bit more regularly. Second, for writing a post on THE most out-of-date debate in the world. But if it was OK for The Gadget Show to talk about, then maybe it is OK for me too…

I have always been in the PC camp and not a big Mac fan. This dates back to the mid 90s when I was working with Compaq, and Apple was still a few months away from launching the iMac. As a slight aside, when there was bad news for Compaq, we often used to say: “at least you’re not Apple!”, which goes to show how far Cupertino’s finest has come. In fairness, I have always thought that Macs were cool (arty, funky and a little bit ‘woah’) but not really ever understood them. Two years working with Compaq and five with Toshiba meant that I was definitely a PC-er…

But now I have seen the light. I’m not anti-PC but boy do I love my new MacBook. It all just works. It was so easy to set up and I had it working – connected, software installed and looking great within about half an hour… And the fear of it all being a foreign language for those of us that were brought up on Windows as our mother tongue, were completely unfounded. Who knows, maybe I’ll even manage some more impressive postings on my blog now that I have more computing power at my finger-tips.

Apple Ads – even better..?

9 02 2007

OK – so not everyone loves the new Mac ads with Mitchell and Webb…  but I did like this from Tech Digest – especially for all those Linux geeks out there.