It’s facebook’s fault

25 07 2007

To my dedicated reader(s) – an apology: sorry for having not posted anything recently (though Messi’s goal surely kept you happy for a bit) but I, like far too many others, have been engrossed with facebook and every time I log in for a quick catch-up, I get totally engrossed and a few minutes suddenly becomes much, much longer… Am I the only one to be losing control..? Where can I join Facebooks Anonymous (FA rather than AA) to help me through my addiction..?

I actually resisted signing up with facebook for ages as I thought I was far too old for stuff like that but it is truly compelling and has been fascinating catching up with people that I haven’t seen or spoken to for ages (3 kids = no social life…).

My wife says it all sounds sinister but then readily admits that she doesn’t understand it – though I have to say that those people who do nothing else apart from playing with the facebook profiles, networks and applications do look daft as you can tell how active people are and the ‘really’ active have obviously got nothing better to do.

So, now I just need to learn how to manage my addiction. Maybe allow myself only a few windows each day for my facebook fix? Any other tips would be gratefully received.



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