Microsoft to buy Yahoo!..?

1 02 2008

I remember when Compaq’s (ill-fated) $9.6bn acquisition of Digital Equipment Corporation was the biggest of its kind in the IT industry… and now news has just broken that Microsoft has offered nearly $45bn for Yahoo!


I wonder if the Google folks are genuinely worried or laughing into their cornflakes? Yahoo! hasn’t managed much of a fight against Google in recent times but this would bring together two enormous giants.

Interesting times are ahead of us…

As is often the case,’s take on this is very insightful:

“…as companies like Yahoo and Google, as well as thousands of garage start-ups have shown, from Facebook to Joost, the battle was never really about the browser – it was about services.  From instant messaging and online advertising to social networks, blogs, communities, and IPTV Microsoft is not out in front in any of these areas.  Microsoft is attracted to Yahoo because a purchase would take a key rival out of the game in one swoop.”




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