2007 Web Trend Map

8 05 2007

I am quite sure that I will never truly understand this but it does look fascinating and a really insightful perspective on how the major players and trends of the web are linked together.


I saw this in the latest issue of Architecture and Governance Magazine, that suggests: “while purely subjective, the concept raises interesting questions about alternative ways to organize information in your universe”…



2 responses

8 05 2007
Highly addictive « Nicknack Paddywhack

[…] May 8, 2007 Filed under: Web 2.0 — nicknackpaddywhack @ 6:41 pm While I was exploring my new web trend map, I stumbled upon Stumbleupon and it is really good for generating some extremely cool sites that I […]

15 08 2007
I am, like, so ahead of the curve, man « Nicknack Paddywhack

[…] pm I am feeling very smug about the fact that Times Online has finally covered something that I wrote about in May…  They are, like, so web 1.0..! […]

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