Me 2.0

11 10 2007

I blogged a couple of months back on social networks being walled gardens and the need for greater interoperability between networks – and it seems that the clever folks at IBM and Linden Lab (creators of Second life) are doing something about it and are working on universal avatars that can travel between worlds.


If we can learn anything from the tech industry’s pre-pubescent days in the 1990s, it is that proprietary is generally very limiting and bad – and interoperability and open is a good thing as consumers benefit from their own exploration and other people’s ‘tinkering under the bonnet’.

And having the ability to wander in and out of networks without having to change ‘bodies’ or ‘personalities’ will be the very least we demand as citizens of the online world.  We wouldn’t accept it offline and neither should we have to tolerate it for too much longer online.



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