PR welcome – but don’t abuse the system

21 02 2007

What PR folk do with social media, how we/they engage with it and (dare I say) how we offer services to clients in the social media landscape, is THE topic of the last 6-12 months in the PR world.  Tom Foremski’s latest posting was interesting as I was fully expecting a hack vs. flack kind of rant (no offence intended to the very highly regarded Silicon Valley Watcher) – in a “hey damn PR fluffies, get off our patch” kind of way…  But instead he highlights a place for PR in the blogoshere while warning off PR folk who may be tempted to abuse social media and use it for cheap press release distribution.

The key is about using it properly.  Engage with it, don’t ‘dump’ things on it (like press releases).  By all means PR people (on behalf of their clients) and company spokespeople can – and SHOULD – engage fully with social media as it is an increasingly valuable way to communicate with their audiences.  But as social media is all about being social, interaction and participation, one-way communication is very much out of vogue… 

“These days, we don’t publish to a web site or sites, we publish to the Internet. We publish conversational documents.”

I couldn’t agree more with SVW and also believe that as with other anti-social uses of social media, the world will judge and the the blogoshere will have a way of self-righting and cleansing itself of such abuses.

Losing my virginity…

22 01 2007

I read other people’s blogs on a ‘pretty’ regular basis (Pleon’s GeekTalk, PR 2.0, Silicon Valley Watcher and Point Being amongst my current favourites) – dammit, I even have RSS feeds from some of them… I admit that my blog reading is done with a degree of envy as I admire those that find enough to write about – and indeed the time… So, I have decided to start my own (guess I should since I’ve been banging on to clients for months about the merits of the new web 2.0-driven media landscape). Not sure what I’ll have to say (nothing interesting springs to mind so far) but I’ll work on it and hopefully will at least experience what it is that many others seem to have become relatively obsessed with.