This will stop damn cyclists going through red lights

8 05 2008

I have nothing against cyclists (some of my best friends, etc.), but I do hate those ‘bad bikers’ that think the Highway Code is not for them and that it is OK to go through red lights – especially when I am crossing the road with my kids (or a hot cup of Americano…). Maybe this will stop them?

Instead of showing a red light when it’s time for pedestrians to cross the street, a curtain-like, two-dimensional image of giant people crossing the street is projected. The real pedestrians walk behind their virtual counterparts. Nice.




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10 09 2008
Kelvin McNulty

What a great idea! I had a ferocious argument today with a cyclist who went through a red light, then hovered about in the middle of the junction, then went across a crossing from inside the junction when the pedestrian phase was green as I was walking across it. I shouted at him then, but met him again later and had a real good go. He was trying hard to belittle me, saying I was pathetic if that was the issue that bothered me most in the world, to which I said I’m allowed, it’s my choice, and at that moment him cycling through a red light was THE issue that was bothering me most in the world. Do let me know where my district council can get a set of these image projectors which I imagine use lasers and/or holograms or something equally clever.

19 09 2008

I really don’t get the point here. I believe this curtain image is made to prevent ALL vehicles going through red lights. I have seen a lot of cars going through red lights in my life and I hate bad drivers.

I can see a lot of cars in the pictures and not a single bike.

So please change the title to “This will stop damn DRIVERS going through red lights”.

Thank you

19 09 2008

Oh, yes! Now I can think about the real subject of the post. Sure the curtain is great!

5 09 2009

I can agree with the cyclist problem, also with the peds too. Because of a dumb right a way law…Now we drivers have to expect to stop on a dime when no one looks to cross a street. The spring, summer, fall…Is terrible to drive in. When snowfalls finally its a lot nicer to drive.

Also I like that curtain like hologram going across the street, we have a dumb drivers here too that go through red lights also. That would be the state of wisconsin this foolishness is in.

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