Oops – not a great opening day

27 03 2008

Today sees the first passengers using Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and I had to click through to read the full story when I noticed a headline that said, “Passengers leaving new T5 Heathrow terminal report no bags on flights.”


Apparently this was due to “staff familiarisation”, which loosely translates to the BA folks not having a ‘scooby doo’ what they are supposed to be doing… “There were also complaints from passengers about confusing road signs, problems when paying at a car park, and broken down escalator.”

Looks like it was £4.3bn well spent then… Makes you proud to be British and I can’t wait for the Olympics..!

Note: Scooby Doo = Clue…





3 responses

27 03 2008

Took me a second to understand what you were driving at and then I realised it was my fault, thinking ‘scooby doo’ was rhyming slang for poo….

There ARE faults to not being a cockney it would seem.

28 03 2008

In the PR World such failures would be put down to basic teething problems with account team familiarising themselves with the new processes and needing time to build a knowledge base of the industry issues and company positioning….then again most PR accounts aren’t worth 4.3 billion!!!

3 08 2008

hola soy la vale y me disen vale es super gueno pero es tobertido me imagino en persona q vacan el ecsuby lla un saludo para la bilmai para todo lo0s de escuby q la pase bn lla chao

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