I’m SO bored of these stories

25 01 2008

Yet ANOTHER data loss story has just appeared on the BBC News website. This time it was an M&S laptop, which was actually stolen in April last year. This week there has also been the story about MoD lost laptop and in the last couple of months alone there have been countless other examples – here, here and here… to name but a few – and that doesn’t even include the HMRC data loss, which was way back in November.

THIS SHOULDN’T BE NEWS… We live in an era where technology is advanced and if any of the public or private businesses involved in any of these stories had encrypted their data then the losses would be as interesting and newsworthy as “Man goes to the toilet” or “It’s raining in Yorkshire”…


I even did a search. Google took just 0.24 seconds to find over 6 million results for data encryption. Please, please, please can the people responsible for this (or any other) data look into encrypting it instead of desperately hoping that theft or loss is miraculously eradicated from our world…




2 responses

25 01 2008

well said nick. haven’t these people heard of FTP?

29 02 2008
I told you so… « Nicknack Paddywhack

[…] told you so… 29 02 2008 As I said, encrypting data is all that is needed in the age of “every time a laptop is lost, it is […]

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