It’s a rollercoaster-type ride

24 01 2008

Unfortunate that the unveiling of the final design of Virgin Galactic’s launch system comes just a week after the near-fatal crash landing of a BA Boeing 777 at Heathrow.


At a time when confidence (mine and others too apparently) in air travel has taken another big hit, I can imagine fewer things I’d rather do than go orbital in a tin can. Going into ‘superthrust’ and coming into land, look particularly hairy… Is this what our great, great grandparents said about the automobile? I bet the next generation will scoff at the naysayers like me.

I couldn’t upload the video without upgrading my wordpress account, so you can see it here instead. There’s no sound so you may need the theme tune from 2001: A Space Odyssey on in the background…




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28 02 2008
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[…] a couple of decades without me noticing? 28 02 2008 I know about Virgin Galactic (I even blogged on it a while back) – but I was surprised to see this ad from the folks at Virgin in my […]

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