Funny Old Game

18 10 2007

It seems that the answer to Israel’s ‘PR problems’ have been handed to the country on a plate.  For years, the country’s finest PR people have tried desperately to improve the image of the country that so many people feel so obliged to hate and now, at last, there might be light at the end of the tunnel.


According to Match of the Day’s Gary Lineker last night, “we are all now big Israel fans”.  England now needs the Israeli football team to beat Russia in order to stand any chance of getting to next year’s European tournament.  So, on 17th November, men, women and children from Darlington to Devon will dig deep for their Zionist allegiances and cheer on 11 men in blue and white trying to turn over the Russkies…  Maybe this is the new route to rekindling the Road-map to peace and to harmony in the Middle East?  Maybe Israel’s national football team should be the ones leading the negotiations – though I reckon relations with Russia might be a bit frosty if they do manage to win.

And if the Russians win, at least McLaren will get the boot – so it’s not all bad…




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