It wasn’t him…

15 10 2007

BBC weather blooper by Michael Fish storm of 1987

Talk about taking the fall for someone else – though it seems that Mr Fish has actually spent a significant amount of time and effort naming and shaming the real ‘blooper’… Apparently, it wasn’t Michael Fish patronising telling some old dear not to worry about a bit of mild wind the night before the big storms of October 1987… Was it really 20 years ago?

It was in fact Bill Giles on duty that night and Ian McCaskill earlier in the day – and Michael Fish wasn’t on duty at all.

“So what about the infamous “hurricane” forecast? “That was some time before and it was referring to Florida and had nothing to do with the (UK) storm,” he states. “In actual fact my earlier broadcast, which I am sure never got recorded, actually said ‘batten down the hatches because there is some extremely stormy weather on the way’.”

Funny how the truth comes out eventually. I wonder what other major bloopers of our time have been attributed to the wrong person..? Shame that Michael Fish will always be known as the guilty one but I guess the false accusation has been around for so long that it is too late to fix it now – however hard he tries… though I am slightly outraged that the BBC didn’t come to his defence slightly sooner.




One response

17 10 2007

“though I am slightly outraged that the BBC didn’t come to his defense slightly sooner.”

Defense Mr Morris? I have to say that’s an ATD and a half.

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