Interior designer needed for my blog

30 08 2007

I have a question for my avid reader(s) and if all I hear is the sound of tumbleweed then I’ll know for sure that the only person reading my blog is me..!


I’ve been trying to change the look and feel of my blog but don’t like any of the other designs provided and wanted to get a bit creative on my own. But I can’t see how I can do it? Is WordPress just too limiting or am I missing something? I saw that TheWorld’sLeading had a makeover recently and I wanted to do my own.

I’d be very grateful for any support and a coffee/beer and a jammie dodger is on offer for any good insights.

This is a first attempt as a ‘change is as good as a holiday’…



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30 08 2007
...the world's leading...

We’re reading!

From what I’m told, WordPress is the platform to be on and gives you the most flexibility…which is why we moved to it. However, unless you’re a fairly decent designer, then it might be best to leave it to the pros. Might be chaper than you think, too. The chaps at that did ours are a dream to work with and get paid in US$, so the exchange rate helps too…

30 08 2007

Thanks – much appreciated (for commenting AND reading..!).

30 08 2007

Why? what’s wrong with the “AustinPowers-esque” current design ?
Seriously, I wouldn’t waste my time hacking around blog design, I know – I did it with mine and it’s an endless time pit (not on WP, though, as u know)

16 09 2007

Hey, nice website! You are good at importing photos!

Make sure to remember…click my name!

Dont forget, Icybretts rocks!

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