I am not a user, I am a real man…

26 07 2007

I love this posting from Forrester’s Josh Bernoff and I’m happy to sign up…  Let’s all make a pledge to stop calling people ‘users’.  Maybe appropriate for junkies but for the rest of us that are just trying to go about our business quietly, there has to be a better descripter.

“Try, just for a day, to stop using this word.  You’ll be amazed at how differently you think about the world.  Web users become people looking for information.  Application users become employees trying to get stuff done.  Users of your website become customers.  User-generated media becomes amateur media.  And most importantly, social media users become people connecting with other people.  Once you think about it that way it becomes a lot easier to understand.  And it focuses you on the relationships, which will always be around, not the technologies, which are always changing.”




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