Is there life on Mars?

20 06 2007

And I thought that those volunteering for Big Brother were loopy… Now this – “the European Space Agency (ESA) is after volunteers for a simulated human trip to Mars, in which six crew-members spend 17 months in an isolation tank.” I’m not sure I could think of anything worse..?


“With the exception of weightlessness and radiation, the crew will experience most other aspects of long-haul space travel, such as cramped conditions, a high workload, lack of privacy, and limited supplies.” I would happily go without the radiation bit but surely weightlessness is the cool part and the other stuff just doesn’t sound so appealing.

“In all, 12 European volunteers will be needed. They must be aged 25-50, be in good health, have ‘high motivation’ and stand up to 185cm tall. Smokers, or those with other addictions, to alcohol or illicit drugs, for example, will be rejected.” I meet all the criteria but probably won’t apply this time – maybe I could just be kept on a mailing list or something..?!




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