Power to the people

20 05 2007

I’ve been impressed by how quickly some stories have escalated on the web and this week saw another fine example. I saw a story on Monday about Mars using animal products and no longer being suitable for vegetarians. And by Sunday, the company has retreated and the headline read, “Mars gets veggie status back”.


“The Vegetarian Society organised a campaign against the move, asking members to voice their concerns to parent company Masterfoods. Mars said it became “very clear, very quickly” that it had made a mistake. In just one week, more than 6,000 people bombarded the company, which produces the Mars, Snickers, Maltesers and Galaxy brands, with phone and e-mail complaints. Forty MPs also signed a petition to voice their opposition.”

Undoubtedly, without the web being used in the way it is today, this campaign would still be somewhere between nowhere and oblivion




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