A glimpse into the future

4 04 2007

I attended a great briefing this morning presented by the very impressive Philip Ross, CEO of workplace consultancy, Cordless Group (Cordless Consultants, Workplace Innovation, Unwired Ventures, Go Cordless and Building Zones).

The Unwired briefing was on CeBIT 2007… and there was I thinking that CeBIT was a thing of the past and a shadow of its former self. But for those that have claimed that CeBIT had already been given its last rites (me included), this was a great reminder of the impact of Europe’s largest technology trade show and a great overview of some of the best technologies on display. Apparently, CeBIT 2007 had 480,000 visitors and was as big as 26 Earls Courts so it really is the place to go to see the latest technology innovations.

Philip’s presentation covered a lot of different areas so I don’t plan to repeat them all here, but here are a few that grabbed my attention:





  • methanol fuel cells – have been talked about for a while and are now finally close to market
  • solar power – is also about to take off in a big way and is being led by Chinese companies (this link shows a solar powered bag that charges the laptop inside)


Other cool stuff…

  • wireless USB – is about to hit the market and is set to have a big impact
  • mobility – Blackberry vs. laptop… anything based on Microsoft is likely to win (not Blackberry then?) and Samsung’s Q1 is based on Super 3G
  • eBooks – have also been talked about for some time but this one from Sony requires almost no power… the internal battery can power you through up to 7,500 continues page turns
  • and apparently, there was a huge amount on unified communications, fixed-mobile convergence and softphones – but that is for another posting…

I’m sure that I’ve not done it justice but it was a great briefing and saved me the time and expense of traveling to Hannover to see it all for myself. Thanks Philip!




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