Oldest debate in the world… revisited

27 03 2007


Two apologies. First, sorry for not posting for a while – some shenanigans to deal with and I am now back and hopefully posting a bit more regularly. Second, for writing a post on THE most out-of-date debate in the world. But if it was OK for The Gadget Show to talk about, then maybe it is OK for me too…

I have always been in the PC camp and not a big Mac fan. This dates back to the mid 90s when I was working with Compaq, and Apple was still a few months away from launching the iMac. As a slight aside, when there was bad news for Compaq, we often used to say: “at least you’re not Apple!”, which goes to show how far Cupertino’s finest has come. In fairness, I have always thought that Macs were cool (arty, funky and a little bit ‘woah’) but not really ever understood them. Two years working with Compaq and five with Toshiba meant that I was definitely a PC-er…

But now I have seen the light. I’m not anti-PC but boy do I love my new MacBook. It all just works. It was so easy to set up and I had it working – connected, software installed and looking great within about half an hour… And the fear of it all being a foreign language for those of us that were brought up on Windows as our mother tongue, were completely unfounded. Who knows, maybe I’ll even manage some more impressive postings on my blog now that I have more computing power at my finger-tips.




One response

29 03 2007

You have a good point, the Mac is very intuitive, feels lovely to the touch and seems to work effortlessly.

The only thing that really stops me from jumping into bed with Steve Jobs, yes literally, is Mac’s wholly undesirable enviornmental record. As green becomes more of an issue, people are going to look beneath the hoods of these pretty mechines and find PVC – banned by most vendors – and a host of other toxic chemicals.

Mac are very backward in this regard and at some point hopefully they’ll be taken to task at some point in the future. ‘Til then I’m going to soldier on heroically with my ugly slow pc.

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