Definition of cool = opposite of hot, I guess…

2 02 2007

Global Cool “does what it says on the tin” and is actually pretty cool.  Everyone is banging on about climate change and while it is undoubtedly the biggest global challenge of our generation and many generations to come (as today’s news has again highlighted), the risk is that too much banging on and too many will start to switch off (mentally rather than physically) – and become blind to the reality of the siuation.

So, while Global Cool does occasionally slip into about-as-cool-as-your-dad kind of speak (like their advice on lights: “If you don’t need them on then switch them off, they waste so much energy. And if you’re scared of the dark, trust us, there really are no ghosts.”), most of this site is great – looks good, does not preach, has some impressive backing and supporters and in a true web2.0 style, has a section called Cooltube, which (not surprisingly) is all video-based.

And if anyone is reading this blog, then think about what your role is and start to change your ways as this planet is currently going down the swanny.

If you need a reminder, this picture seems to sum it up well and shows that not everything is on tap…  like water…

A motorbike rider carries plastic pots, used to store water, in Hyderabad, India. The city often suffers from water scarcity during the summer months.




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