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30 01 2007

I know lots of people have been commenting on these ads but I thought I would add my two-pennies-worth… I am a big fan of Mitchell and Webb anyway and think that Apple has got this spot on – simple yet clever, funny yet not cocky, and – as one of my clients often says – it ‘resonates’ with the audience…




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3 02 2007

Sadly, we do not have this ad in TO
Good one Nick!!!!

9 02 2007

Personally whilst they are unquestionably quite amusing, I don’t think they work. The fact that a quick trawl on youtube will unearth the original American versions counters any claims that the ads are innovative and new.

Secondly, and this is my primary beef, I think the direct comparison with PCs weakens the campaign. For the advert to work there must be a brand leading format that isn’t Mac. Whilst this will attract the arty types which already typify the Mac audience, it will frighten the mainstream family groups that Mac are targeting by emphasising the gulf between the formats.

Sorry, rant over.

9 02 2007

The ads work in themselves, but the central premise is off. The most interesting comments I saw on this campaign was from agrieved PC users who didn’t like the fun = mac / work = pc story of the ads. Most argue (and I agree) that you’d never use a mac for gaming, whereas there is not much better than a top spec PC.

9 02 2007

Ah – while I agree with both your comments about Macs being good for some things but not for others… This is advertising and not “telling the truth at all costs and giving a true and fair reflection of the product.” Imagine if the likes of McDonalds and Coca Cola (and thousands of others) had to advertise like that..?! Apple has done a phenomenal job over the years of fuelling the FUD around PCs and I see this latest advertising as another great example of how they have done that brilliantly.

9 02 2007
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