23 01 2007


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Paddywhack (Ligamentum nuchae) is a strong elastic ligament or tendon in the midline of the neck of a sheep or cattle (generally any quadruped) which relieves the animal of the weight of its head. It is pale yellow in colour.

It is referred to in the children’s nursery rhyme This Old Man.

Just goes to show that you should really think before you throw your full weight behind a brand.  Reminds me of the story of Newcastle Polytechnic changing its name when it became a university…  only realised the error of their ways when they had the stationary back from the printers (do I have to spell it out for you?).  I do like my blog so far but not sure about the reference to the neck tendon.




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23 01 2007

Welcome !
Do you know “Skipping Rhymes” (Shane McGowan ?)

23 01 2007

I am more of a Fairytale of New York fan. Somehow, the (sadly missed) Kirsty McCall managed to tone down some of dear old Shane’s rough edges…

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