So simple it’s brilliant

23 01 2007

Google pluses

I like my personalised Google homepage.  It has all my stuff in one place, which is very useful and manages to combine my eclectic mix of interests – tech news, league 2 football teams and friends’ blogs.  And before I’d even had a chance to think “wouldn’t it be nice if…”, those clever folks at Googleadded something extra that is so simple that it made me doff my cap to them in admiration.  The very best customer service is where you answer a question or provide a solution before the customer has had the opportunity to ask it (or even think of it) themself…  And what is this amazing value-add that they have implemented completely free of charge to make my life that little bit easier?  A ‘+’ to help with previews and save me from opening more tabs or windows.  Nice.  I may well be easily pleased but thank you Google nonetheless.




2 responses

24 01 2007
Jonny Rosemont

Hi Nick, have you tried Netvibes, in my opinion it has similar benefits but a better interface.

24 01 2007

Ooh nice. Its amazing to think that Lycos actually developed personalised pages a few years back where you could bring in your favourite stuff from a bunch of other sites – but at the time they got their wrists slapped and were told that they couldn’t do it because of copyright issues…

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